Guide for Non-Citizens who wish to buy, rent or lease real estate in Sri Lanka

This guide is intended as an outline of the possible options under existing legislation. It does not constitute legal advice and is not comprehensive. The legislation is complicated and far from clear.

We can guide you to effective legal practitioners with whom we have established, non-pecuniary relationships. We do not accept commissions for introductions.

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Why Sri Lanka

12 captivating reasons to make your move to Sri Lanka. A quick visual aid to let you know what makes Sri Lanka a top travel destination and an even better place to have a permanent footing in.

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Retiring in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its welcoming people,endless beaches, famous tea ,unique wilderness ,timeless ruins ,contributing to a cultural stronghold. with a proud history in Asia.

Sri Lanka is one of only 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, according to the Convention on Biological Diversity, based in Montreal and also the best wildlife safari destination outside of Africa, Sri Lanka Offers retirees, a collection of unique opportunities with a mind relaxing rural countryside experience and the most happening beach stays.The Main city Colombo Offers amazing hotels,cafes ,abundant nightlife, art.,theatres and wellness facilities.

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Relocating Services

Our commitment is to offer you an attentive personal service when you are in need of a reliable partner.

We understand that your circumstances are special and our team will take care of your needs and provide you the solution when you are moving in or out of Sri Lanka.

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My Dream Home Visa

My Dream Home Visa is introduced by the government of Sri Lanka to allow people to retire in Sri Lanka. The visa offers a long term resident visa.

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Project for setting up of facilitaties for retired foreign or local senior citizens

Looking after senior citizens in both developed and developing countries are becoming a serious problem. In order to provide overall facilities for those senior citizens, it is intended to establish a centre in Sri Lanka.

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Arrange your dream holiday in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Journey

Why not travel to Sri Lanka and experience it's beauty and hospitality before you decide to make a move or invest in Sri Lankan property. A first hand experience is always a great way to begin an amazing journey! Let us make your travel plans a dream holiday!

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