Sri Lanka, or the Paradise Island (as some tend to call it) was always famed for its culture, heritage, and natural wonders manifesting in the form of emerald seas, beautiful shores, lush forests, great mountain ranges and breathtaking waterfalls.

As of late, Sri Lanka has become quite the destination spot for many people. We cannot pin this influx down on the natural attractions alone. Sri Lanka’s rapid infrastructure development, collective business empires and ample investment opportunities have caught the eyes of many investors across the globe.

Sri Lanka’s development rate has been exponential during the last decade alone. Rapid infrastructure development has paved a pathway for development in cities, which have now been transformed into hubs for commerce and finance. Colombo is considered to be Sri Lanka’s commercial capital – and the city’s landscape really speaks in favors of this statement. Surrounded by skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and high-rise buildings, Colombo is now a high-end metropolis booming with business. Thus, it is safe to say that the construction industry is truly effecting change, and is a goldmine for investors who are looking for fruitful ventures to spend their money on investing in real estate in Sri Lanka.

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With the construction sector in full bloom, investing in real estate in Sri Lanka has become a source of income for many investors looking for opportunities to increase their wealth within the tiny heaven on the earth.

Companies dealing with the buying and selling of properties are now selling land, as a market window has emerged in that front. The idea behind real estate is pretty simple. All you have to do is to buy a property (bear land, or a building) and then sell it at a higher price when the time is right; in order to make a profit. It is the real way to grow your money.

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Sri Lanka has become quite the hub for commerce and finance over the last decade. It now welcomes foreign investment much better than before. With a groundbreaking development agenda already in place and taking form, many cities across the little island, especially Colombo & Kandy, have now been transformed into bustling urbanized cities with a lot of value placed on adjacent, available land. Paving ways for sustainable investments.

The infrastructure development that is underway promotes an investment-friendly culture, and is especially very welcoming towards foreign investments. Foreigners and expats have always viewed Sri Lanka as the perfect destination spot; thanks to its rapid development and its geo-strategic placement in South Asia. Foreign investors & investment companies are on the lookout for property in the form of land and buildings, in order to indulge in real estate. The general idea is to buy or lease Sri Lankan property in order to build their dream holiday homes; second homes or in order to engage in commercial investment property.

As of late, much of the world’s attention is focused on the landmark Colombo Port City Project that is set to open a gateway of investment opportunities for potential investors. A high-end metropolis in the making, Port City is expected to attract billions of dollars in investments in the years to come.

Envisioned to put Sri Lanka on the map of commercial and financial hubs, Port City Project is set to create 80,000 jobs with over a quarter of a million people being expected to commute for job purposes.


Real estate brings with it a range of opportunities, but one slight misstep and a faulty investment would turn every investor’s dream into a nightmare. At Esprit, we provide our clients’ with a unique and innovative approach to real estate with an immense industry experience, that garners a high-yielding output of investment opportunities in Sri Lanka that fits the brief of every modern-day investor seeking pay back in line with ROI (Return On Investment).

We promote a range of property, including and not limited to luxury villas, Bear land and ruins, bungalows, cottages and cottages and properties on sale. Investment & development opportunities in existing businesses, property investment opportunities in Sri Lanka are also promoted alongside the administration of necessary advice.

Our extensive experience in this industry places us ahead of our competitors. We committedly recommend properties after undertaking research, and a thorough background check on said property. We advise our team monitor the processes to minimize potential risks, and maximize your returns.

We, The Esprit investment highly recommend The Colombo Landmark project, The Colombo Port City. Colombo Port City is Sri Lanka’s largest Foreign Direct Investment project and is expected to attract billions of U.S. dollars of investments in the recent future. The project aims to create around 80,000 new jobs for locals and foreigners and hoped to transform Sri Lanka into a regional business and financial hub in the south-Asian region.

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