Market Development of Ceylon spices and Vanilla

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We all know that Sri Lanka has one of the lushest forests and is home to some of the most fertile land. Since the country is completely covered with the ocean on all sides, the climate is moist & suitable for the growth of all kinds of vegetables. Due to this, land in Sri Lanka and especially for agriculture is one of the most suggested and profitable investments to go for. Since the country has densely populated areas, it has many fertile lands that are used for growing vegetables, herbs, exotic fruits, and a lot more. One thing that the country is most famous for growing is the Ceylon spice and Vanilla. Both these products are very high in demand in the international market, so investors are more inclined to invest in agriculture.

Spices provide a good opportunity for investment

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Since the fertile land of Sri Lanka provides a perfect climatic and growing condition for Vanilla and Ceylon spices, they are some of the most used and exported items in the country. Although the lack of technological advancement has hindered the full potential of the areas, a lot of profits can be made in this prolific area under the present context. Spices and ingredients like Vanilla are in great demand globally, and the market is continuously growing even further. We, as EIC, help our clients make the best of such investment and help them invest in these opportunities. We help them provide fertile land at an appropriate geographical location, along with the help in documentation. We also help our investors to interact and understand the local farming sector in a more productive way to strengthen the present supply value chain and the participatory guarantee systems.

We help to promote your product

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We not only help our clients in investing in spices and other things but since we have a lot of contacts throughout the world, we can also help our clients to promote their products in other markets. First, we can help clients to invest the money in the spice market and later also help them to promote their products to the global market. It helps to earn profits over the investment made and helps the clients get a complete package, with all kinds of services required at the beginning of setting your business.

Lastly, we also allow international buyers to contact us if they want to buy any quantity of spices and Vanilla from our investors in Sri Lanka. It further allows us to increase the sales of our clients. We provide complete and all in one solution to our clients. Right from investing in the rich spice market of Sri Lanka, to setting it up and helping to export the same products to the international market. We make sure that the complete experience of a customer is flawless. Through our facilitation, one can easily invest and set up a business in a foreign land such as Sri Lanks, without any hassles.