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The global market is volatile, and investing in a country, and on a specific resource is highly doubtful for companies. Whenever a company tries to invest their funds in a different country, many different scenarios have to be considered to make the perfect investment. Making a safe investment in a foreign country can be problematic unless you have analytic and financial help from the local experts. They will help you assess the market and provide a better picture of the same with the possible option for investments and profits. Our company EIC has been a market standard for facilitator services in providing all the legal services and investing assistance to foreign investors into Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka is the best place to invest in Natural resource and development

Sri Lanka is a land rich in natural resources and environments, making it one of the best possible countries to invest in. We facilitate the investors in various ways to encourage innovative CSR plans in the industry. Sri Lanka has an abundance of natural resources which has not yet been utilized to its full potential. More than half of the natural and environmental resources have not been explored due to a lack of technological solutions due to less population. The country has been looking out for foreign investment, which holds great potential for business and profits. To help facilitate that, we help our foreign investors and clients make the investment in the right area and make the most out of their investment. Our team of experts will help you in identifying the biological resources you can heavily invest in.

Sri Lanka is an abundance of natural resources, fertile soil, minerals, adept climate, and unlimited water resources to be used from the ocean. It provides almost an unlimited supply of potential resources, which, for the most part, is renewable. The country has also been one of the hotspots for biodiversity and species of plants and animals. Since most parts of the natural resources in Sri Lanka are still untouched, we help our clients explore and utilize those options.

What investment opportunities do we have as international investors?

Sri Lanka is rich in natural resources, and there are three major things that we suggest our clients invest in since they provide the most amount of revenue and profits.

Sri Lanks has 6.55 Million hectares of land, which most parts are covered with huge forests. Since most commercially available parts have still not been fully developed, there is a big opportunity for foreign investors in infrastructure and construction.

Apart from that, Sri Lanka has self-sufficient water resources naturally. Therefore, it will be very beneficial for foreign investors to invest in projects related to sustainable energy and hydro-powered projects.

Lastly, the country is filled with minerals and natural resources that have still not been explored. We help our clients to set up the import and export of such minerals and also help them with the legal services to set it up. So if you ever want to invest in a profitable venture in Sri Lanka, our company EIC will provide you with all the expert help in finance and legal services.

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