Environmental Assessment & Pre Feasibility Studies

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Investing in a foreign country like Sri Lanka comes with many challenges unless you are completely aware of the regulations and how everything can be managed. We understand that setting up investment in a foreign land needs proper research and implementation. We have an expert team that conducts proper analysis based on the clients' requirements and on how they want to implement it. Our team provides a complete study and analysis to the client based on their requirements and the type of investment they are opting for. At EIC, we aim to make the entire process much more efficient, smoother, and impactful for the clients, to maximize the revenue and profits.

Why do we require Environment Assessment and Pre-feasibility Studies

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Before making a big investment or investing in a foreign country, the most important thing is to analyze and understand whether the investment would be fruitful. If yes, what would be the best possible way to go ahead with it. To do so, there are a lot of different things that need to be analyzed, and the assessment has to be made. Many things are considered in an assessment, such as natural resources and their availability. It depends on the nature of investment and compliance required by a particular industry. We make sure to assess the condition of the required resources in the area and the geographical location selected for the same.

Another important part that needs to be assessed is the viewpoint of the stakeholders and the investors. We make sure that all the internal and external stakeholders can express their expectations, ideas and solutions. It helps to provide a better growth strategy for the company through stakeholder mapping. Conducting field visits is an important part of understanding the views of all stakeholders. Also, we make sure to check all the legal requirements that need to be done and inform our clients about the same. We also help in designing and executing the roadmap, keeping in mind the client's expectations and budget.

Why choose our services

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Every business or investment requires a proper roadmap, without which no investment could be fruitful. At EIC, we make sure that before our clients invest in a resource, they should have all the necessary information related to it. Our expert analyzes each aspect that is required to set up the investment and business, making sure that there are no hiccups on the way. We monitor everything at every stage and provide regular updates to clients through reports and reviews. It helps them to make the necessary changes that keep them ahead of their competition. No matter what kind of information our clients need, we will provide all of it in real-time. If you are planning to invest in a country like Sri Lanka, we will provide you the best support structure to do so and make sure that each step you take is the correct one. We guarantee you success at every aspect, be it stakeholders, suppliers or geographies that affect your business or any kind of legal requirements.