Looking for reasons?

Here are a few reasons to make Sri Lanka your next home!

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Biodiversity & Climate

Amazing Bio diversity and the Climate: The average temperature of Sri Lanka usually ranges from 28 – 32 degrees Celsius all year round.

Rich Culture

A rich and vibrant culture can be found in every step you take. Colorful traditions and a myraid of people celebrate their cultures year round.

Strong Connectivity

The new highway, which links Southern Part to the capital city of Colombo, marks a turning point in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

Indigenous Medicine

The ancient medicinal practice known as Ayurveda is a traditional system certified by the authorities and are generational medicines.

Evolving Country

It has been quite a few years since the war ended and many visitors have come to get to know the island through travel and experience.

A Growing Colombo

The fast paced city is also a fast growing one, with prime developments and luxury propertes being added onto the market daily.

Live By The Beach

The coastal area of preference for expats is Galle to Mirissa. Other beach areas to live in are Negombo, Tangalle and Bentota.

Easy Getaways

Traveling inside Sri Lanka is a simple task. With public and private transport available at a click of a button for everyone.

Food Culture

The food experience in Sri Lanka is only matched by the cultural experiences. The diversity is a direct benefif of the multi cultural population.

Country Amenities

International standard Shopping, Banking, Healthcare and other ample amenities are available within the city for entertaining and healthy living.

Leisure Activities

With a country catering towards a major tourist inflow, the Entertainment & Leisure sector is diverse and also continuously growing.