Agriculture and Aquaculture Development

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Sri Lanka is abundant with mineral-rich soil and aquaculture due to being surrounded by Ocean. There are very few countries in the world that are filled with rich agricultural lands and Aquamarine life. Due to this, the country is one of the best investment locations for both the escort. Our team of experts will help you carefully invest in one of the most resource-rich geographical locations of Sri Lanka, to make your investment many times fold. Our experts make sure that we pick the best location for our clients to invest in Sri Lanka. EIC makes sure that any investor interested in agriculture and aquaculture gets the best return for their investment.


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Sri Lanka has vast areas of forest land and also an area that is densely populated. The entire land of Sri Lanka has been filled with mineral-rich soil, making it one of the best agricultural regions. Investors generally have a lot of interest in rich lands that can produce items for export and consumption of local production. Our team of experts helps the investors in many ways by helping them find the best geographical finding in Sri Lanka, where they could purchase and invest in most fertile land. We also provide council approval services and arrange all the necessary legal issues that need to be completed related to land. We also make sure that any technical setup is provided to the client and government approval as required. It's not just about helping the investors invest in agricultural land, but we also help our investors with step-by-step procedures and all the formalities related to it.


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The Indian Ocean surrounds Sri Lanka, it has one of the best and one of the richest Aquamarine life. Our company EIC is the first ever to help investors facilitate their investment in Aquaculture. Since we are the only one with the expertise in this area, our services for the clients set the industry standard for others to follow. As per the analysis and reports, Aquaculture or fish farming has a large potential of growth due to the increasing demand for fish and seafood. Aquatic life, rare aquatic species, or local aquatic species as exports have constantly been increasing. It has a very high potential to increase the number of jobs in the area as well. It is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of fish farming in any country.

Since we are the first to promote it, we have used a year of data to research how it can lead to huge growth opportunities for investors, which was unknown earlier. We would not only provide the investors with the necessary guidance to invest in this business, but also help them set up the necessary legalities and the technical equipment required for it. We also make sure that our investors can select the location where rich aquatic life is abundant. If you want to explore the potential of a business that is soon to become one of the best investments, then EIC is the only place to do so. Since we are the only one with the expertise to help you set it up, the experience you will have while investing with us will be the finest.

Sri Lanka is blessed to have a rich Aquaculture with rare species of fish and other aquatic life not found anywhere else in the world. When it comes to Aquaculture in Sri Lanka, they still carry out fishing using traditional methods. Therefore, the Aquaculture here lacks new technological methods, due to which there has never been a major investment in the field, even though it has a large potential of being a profitable investment due to the trading of rare aquatic animals and fish. With proper investment, the results could be highly profitable for any investor.

Why should you choose us?

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Aquaculture is one area that no facilitator has until now explored as an area of investment for clients. We are the first to promote Aquaculture as a good investment option for people who want to invest in Sri Lanka. What makes us unique in this category is our association with the existing fish farmers in the country along with the wholesalers and exporters. Investors who would like our help to facilitate their investments in fish farming will get all the assistance they want in setting it up and services like transportation and trading, and many other things that are a necessary part of this process.

We will work with all types of departments in fish farming to make sure that proper cultivation, processing, handling, and transport are met. We make sure that the client is helped in setting up fish farming in a certain way that meets the standard more than the market's expectations. Our team of experts is working in the fields to ensure that they are in contact with local authorities and locals who are already a part of the business. Whenever a client is interested in Aquaculture, we connect them to the local businessmen of fish farming, which further helps them expand their business.

Aquaculture still has many potentials that are yet unexplored and can be extracted for much greater profits. Since Sri Lanka is covered with ocean, the kind of aquatic life one can find here is diverse. The natural climatic conditions support marine life in their full habitat, making it one of the country's perfect investment options. As a facilitator, our company will be providing our investors with all the necessary information that is required to set up this business, along with the details about legalities and other necessary details.

We have made sure that Aquaculture stays boosted, and with a lot of untapped potentials, it could turn out to be a profitable venture. The fact that no one has yet helped people invest in this makes it much more unique. Since we offer the best of such services and give the investors a unique opportunity to invest in Aquaculture in one of the best geographically suitable conditions, it would be a great opportunity to earn profits. If you are looking for a guaranteed and unique investment opportunity that does not exist with anyone else, join us and invest in one of the most successful ventures of all time.