Sri Lanka is known for its welcoming people, endless beaches, famous tea, unique wilderness, timeless ruins, contributing to a cultural stronghold.

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With a proud history in Asia. Sri Lanka is one of only 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, according to the Convention on Biological Diversity, based in Montreal and also the best wildlife safari destination outside of Africa.

Sri Lanka Offers retirees a collection of unique opportunities with a mind-relaxing rural countryside experience and the most happening beach stays. The Main city Colombo Offers amazing hotels, cafes, abundant nightlife, art theatres and wellness facilities.

In Mercer’s Quality of Life survey (2017), Colombo ranked Number 1 in the South Asian Region. Sri Lanka leads the South Asian region in terms of high human development indicators - high literacy and national health rates. There is a wide selection of comfortable housing options in Sri Lanka, ranging from high-rise buildings and full-service condominiums, to spacious urban dwellings. Sri Lanka hosts excellent schools, which offer both national and international curriculums. In addition, there are many internationally recognized hospitals and clinics in the country.

Applying for Visa

You can apply online for the 30-day visa via the government visa application website.

Online Visa Application

Visa via Embassy & On Arrival

You can also obtain visas at Sri Lankan embassies abroad and there is a counter at Bandaranaike International Airport for people who arrive without a visa.

Visa Extensions

You can renew a 30-day tourist visa twice, for 30 days each time.


Sri Lanka welcomes senior foreign nationals who wish for a prolonged stay on Residence. The Residence visa valid for 2 years which is renewable, will be granted. We extend a warm welcome and offer a secure living with the best local support staff who are very loyal and kind to our valued guests

Feeling welcome and safe while living in Sri Lanka among who are kind to foreigners.

Enjoying range of climates, seasons and temperatures etc.

Endless outdoor health giving opportunities for golf, tennis, physical training in gyms, marathon running, swimming, surfing, snorkelling, sea or fresh water fishing, bird watching and observing nature in world class game reserves.

Luxurious furnished houses or flats are available on the tropical coastal belt, in the scenic central highlands and in the main cities.

Other Information

Taxes in Sri Lanka

As someone on a tourist visa, you will not be required to pay taxes in Sri Lanka. You will also not be allowed to work. If you are on a resident visa, you will be required to pay taxes on income earned in Sri Lanka. The personal relief for non resident citizen of Sri Lanka is Rs.500,000/-

Healthcare in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka operates a free healthcare system, Also Sri Lanka has a very modern private sector health system that is in par with the western countries. We will recommend Private healthcare and health insurance.there are many international healthcare insurance providers in Sri Lanka.

Finding a Place to Live

There are many options available including vast collection of online listing at your choice.

Any Other Questions

For any other specific questions, please feel free to contact us.