Project Opportunities

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At EIC it's not only about helping our clients invest in some of the best options across Sri Lanka, but we also have a lot more to offer. We also believe that every good business idea can turn into something much bigger and better with the right vision and investment. We have many clients who have approached us with a business idea that had the potential of becoming the next big thing. However, the lack of investments was a problem for these ideas. We understand how good funding can take an idea to new heights; it is why we also help our clients find good investors who can fund their ideas and business. If you have any business idea that is unique and has the capabilities of achieving what others can't, we will help you find the right investor for it. Since our primary task is to assist in investing in Sri Lanka, we can also provide investors for a specific business idea if it qualifies in our analysis.

What should the project opportunity have?

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If you think you have a practical business idea and over the years turn out to be successful, you can contact us. We will analyze the business idea, and our expert team will find out the hidden potential it has. If our team thinks that the idea is worth investing in, we will find the right investors. You have to make sure that your business idea is well explained, defining every part of how it can be implemented and how it will help in achieving the objective. We will provide wings to your grand idea and make it fly if it's worth it.

We have a dedicated team of experts who will validate your ideas and analyze how practical and logical it is in the business world. We predict different scenarios and situations with your business idea to check if it works as planned and if it can be what you desire it to be. Since we keep a constant eye on the market condition and how investment can be made, we make sure that your idea works perfectly as per the market condition. We invite the investors to look at your business ideas with all the necessary data and analysis required from them to make a decision. Once all the facts are checked, we make the necessary arrangements for the investors to invest their funds in it.

If you have any of such ideas that can make big impact in the market and be the next big millionaire, contact our team, and we will help you find the right investor and funding, which will help you to turn your dreams and an idea to reality. We do believe that any potential should not be left unattended, especially if it can be invested into something much bigger. Therefore, we, at EIC, encourage you to bring forth your ideas and analysis of the market, and we will help you fund for the respective projects.